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30 Dollar Astrology

Is a unique concept to solve problems of people worldwide with minimum charges, one can afford easily & get the benefit of Vedic astrology scientifically. Answers are given in one line to one page, depends on query, for some query , answer will given in yes or no.

For any query you can get the answer by mail preferably after receiving the payment from you.It will take one to two days depend on nature of query & time astrologer have.

Services by J.K.Sethi - Indian Vedic Astrologer & Teacher from India

Ask 1 Question (Service No.1)
Get answers to any question,like Health,wealth,status,career,love life, marriage etc. that could make your life more simple and worth living.

Compitability (Service No.2)
Expert Compatibility Check will allow you to have stable and harmonious relationship(1+1)Marriage.

Horoscope Matching (Service No.3)
Match your kundlis for a peaceful and balanced relationship. Know what is required to make your match astrologically right.

Yearly Forecast (Service No.4)
Know what lies ahead in the coming year in general with respect to health , love , career and more


Career Exclusive(1years) (Service No.5)
Get career report for upcoming years. Get proper guidance to ensure your career graph is heading in the right direction.

Daily Muhurta (Auspious time) (Service No.6)
Choosing a most favorable (auspicious) time to achieve opportunities in day to day life

When will I get Promotion (Service No.7)
Your promotion might be just a step away. Find out, when you will get a promotion.

When will I get a new job (Service No.8)
Looking for job change can be harassing some time. Find out, when you will get a new job.

When will I go abroad (Service No.9)
Looking forward to browse your options abroad? Find out, when you will go abroad.

When will I get transferred (Service No.10)
Looking forward to get a transfer? Find out, when you will get transferred.

Is it right time to change the job (Service No.10)
Not sure about your decision of changing job? Find out, if this is the right time to change your job.

Colours Magic (Service No.11)
Colour helps in a wide range of problems. You may be given advice on how to make the best use of colours, clothes you wear & furnish your home & work environment.


Horoscope Analysis Genral (Service No.12)
General analysis of as per placement of planets, their impacts on your life & problematic areas / weakness of your life .

Simple Remedies to make life better (Service No.13)
Problems are reduced / removed by effective astral treatment & remedies i.e. propitiatory, charities for concerning malefic planets & strength provided to weak benefic planets as per your birth chart.

Gem(s) For you (Service No.14)
Gems have a creditable history & referred to even in the vedas in ancient time for providing strength to the functional benefic weak planets.

So ask our expert about one most suitable gem for you?

Financial Report For 1 Year (Service No.15)
Astrology helps how to handle finance. Ask about your financial report 


Know your financial future. (Service No.16)

Business Analysis (Service No.17)
Take a second opinion before planning on big responsibilities 


Business Solutions(Service No.18)
find solutions to challenges or official problems for time to time

Sade Sathi & Remedies (Service No.19)
The seven & a half year period of saturn’s transit in twelfth, first & second house from the birth moon is called the Sade-satti of Saturn. Know more about your Sadhesatti & get remedies.


Health Problem (Service No.20)
Fit yourself astrologically for nourishing body, mind, heart & soul. Take up simple remedies for a healthy lifestyle & good living

Romance Comparability (Service No.21)
Romance is the sweetest gesture of true love. But it is also important to strike the right balance. 

Know more about your romantic side and how good can it get.


Marriage Comparability (Service No.22)
Marriage is the most beautiful bonding which brings two souls together. But success in marriage is more than finding the right person, it is a matter of being the right person. Find out more about your special bonding , know your relationship better.


Remedies for early Marriage (Service No.23)
Get the Best possible remedies,for early marriage.

Business Comparability (Service No.24) 
Analyzing what you haven't got as well as what you have is a necessary ingredient of a business. Know your career path better.


Business Comparability Remedies. (Service No.25)
If find problems in partnership,Get the best solution 

Is your name lucky (Service No.26)
A lucky name spelling can make you successful and bring positive changes in your life. Know whether your name is lucky and what your name spelling has in store for you.

Is your child's name lucky ? (Service No.27)
Is your child's name lucky? Get a detailed analysis of your child's name and its impact on his/her destiny

Are you both made for each other (Service No.28)
Understand your relationship better, get your love quotient and with the help of numerology make your relationship more harmonious.

Is your firm's name lucky (Service No.29)
Get numerological guidance for your business/firm/shop's name and know whether it is lucky for you. Know the movement of profits and losses in coming five years to take precautionary measures.

What are your career prospects (Service No.30)
Struggling on your career front? Get remedies and upaay for a successful career ahead.


Lucky Colors (Service No.31)
This will help you to remove negativity and attract all success in life.


Love Report ? (Service No.32)
When will you find true love? What kind of a partner will you get? Will love extend to marriage? Is your marriage love or arranged?

Marriage Report (Service No.33)
Favorable period for marriage, Whether its love or arranged marriage ? Remedies for a peaceful marriage

Child Behavier (Service No.34)
Understanding the behavioural pattern of children is very crucial for the overall well being and emotional development of your child. Take the advice of an expert to know why your child behaves the way he/she does and how you can help him improve.

Medical astrology (Service No.35)
Astrology deals with the workings of the human body. If you are facing physical serious problem.Get the solution.


Investments and Profitability (Service No.36)
You need to make some wise moves with regard to investments, which will guarantee you good returns. We will tell you what is best for you. Make the most of your life to be successful.


Improving efficiency output (Service No.37)
It is difficult to identify this area of every individual, Take guidance of an expert astro-psychology consultant and know more.

Pre-post marital counseling (Service No.38)
See how you can achieve maximum contentment out of your marriage. Whether it is pre or post marriage counselling, our consultant will help you to solve all your problems that may occur immediate after the legitimate contract.


Career guidance (Service No.39)
Portfolio compatibility is again very important specialised area of astro-psychology with respect to the natal horoscope. Our expert will give you the correct guidance and effective counselling for achieving your goal.

Kids Fortune (Service No.40)
Guidance and counseling for your child to attain perfection in the near future.

Current Time period Predictions ? (Service No.41)
Provide guidance for your plans of the current year. It will stand as a supportive factor for your life.


Janma Kundli Birth Charts (Service No.42)
Through email, get 10 pages of your comprehensive Janma Kundali/Birth Chart with planetary positions and some basic predictionsh best simple yet effective astral remedies to make your life better & prosperous . The offered languages are English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Bangla and Gujarati.

Find Your Business Partners (Service No.43)
Give us a chance to do an astrological scan on your new business partner before going into big deal.

Progeny Remedy (Service No.44)
Are you experiencing delays in getting children? Remedies available for getting children? 

Horoscope Matching (Service No.45)
Match your horoscopes to ensure harmonious and a balanced relationship(1+1)

Answer in Yes or No

Marriage Problems (Service No.46)
Marital problems can be solved by right kind of remedies. Know what can help to solve your marital issues and make your marriage a success

Samuhurtas or Muhurats . (Service No.47)
Choosing a most favorable (auspicious) time & dates as per advance system of vedic astrology to commence any important personal / professional activities in day to day life .

Lucky Gems (Service No.48)

This report will provide information about your lucky gemstone, instruction to wear, and any precautions if required.

Sharpning Memory Power & Remedies For Child (Service No.49)
Astrology provides lifelong benefits & analytical power, that develops character & leadership ability, Take the initiative in your children's education/development to ensure they reach their full potential

Sex Problems Solved Astrologically (Service No.50)
Do planets affect one’s performance in bed? Yes they do, Planets and their influence on an individual do lead to different sexual habits. Find solution to your sex related queries To enjoy sex long life.


Black Magic (Service No.51)
Some one has done black Magic on you or your home? House is haunted by ghost? Someone has done vashikarn on you or your loved one?

Information only

Black Magic Remedies (Service No.52)
Some one has done black Magic on you or your home.

Remedies for removal of Black Magic.

Kalsarpa Remedies (Service No.53)
Permanent solution/Remedies for Kaalsarpa Dosha

Lucky Gemstone (Service No.54)
Know Your Lucky Gem Stone 
as per your Horoscope 

Vaastu Lucky Colours (Service No.55)
Know Your Favorable Vastu Colors for Rooms 
as per Your Horoscope 

Manglik Dosha (Service No.56)
Permanent solution for Manglik Dosha

Grah Shanti (Service No.57)
Shanti for those planets,who create problems in day to day life
Quick Analysis of your Good bad planets & remedies.

Rahu in Libra for you (Service No.58)
Know the results of Rahu in Libra as per your birth chart

Jupiter in Gemini (Service No.59)
Know the results of Jupiter in Gemini as per your birth chart

Saturn in Libra (Service No.60)
Know the results of Saturn in Libra as per your birth chart

Delay in Marriage (Service No.61)
Remedies for early marriage


Ancestors Curses (PITRA DOSH A) (Service No.62)
Check the same in your horo & follow the remedies to
Remove the same


BE DEBT FREE (Service No.63)
If you are under pressure of DEBTS always

Ask for removal of Debts

Get success in life

Are you Un-successful in Life?

Get Business Name & Your Name Correction 

Avail the expert services .

The Indian residents pay the fees by online bank transfers or /cash deposit can do so in my saving accounts : 

Canara Bank , East Patel Nagar, New Delhi
SB A/C No.20010101006226 in the name of Jagdish Sethi
IFSC CODE CNRB0002010     MICR 110 015066.

Out of India people send payment through Western Union, or through pay pal at systems.astrology@yahoo.co.in  in the name of Jagdish Sethi.

Mention the service No. with all the query. for quick answer.

May god bless you all with happiness & prosperity


 Vedic Astrologer J K Sethi (Creator of Vedic Kavach)