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Our Astrological Services: 

Item /Service No 1 - Analysis of Planetary impacts Rs. 2100/- 

Item /Service 2 - Astrology: Phone Consultation Rs. 5000/- 

Item /Service 3 - Astrology: Career Horoscope / Report or Profession Analysis Rs. 5000/- 

Item /Service 4 - Online General Horoscopic Analysis with five years predictions - Rs.5,000/-. 

Item /Service 5 - Online General Horoscopic Analysis with ten years predictions - Rs.8,600/-. 

Item /Service 6 - Regular Silver Vedic Kavach including auspicious time for wearing Rs. 6600/-. 

Item /Service 6 A - Silver Special power Vedic Kavach including auspicious time for wearing Rs. 10,500 

Item /Service 6B - Silver Special purpose Kavach including auspicious time for wearing Rs. 46,500/-. 

Item /Service 7 - Marriage/Relationship Analysis and Astral Remedies Advice for Delay in Marriage- Rs. 5,000/- 

Item /Service 8 - Horoscope Matching - Rs. 5,000/- 

Item /Service 9 - Su Muhurata - Electing Auspicious Time for wearing Gemstone or Vedic Kavach Rs. 3000/- 

Item /Service /Service 10 - Su Muhurata for Child Birth Rs. 10,000/- 

Item /Service 11
- Sumuhurata for Business Investment / Rs. 10,000/- 

Item /Service 12
- Sumuhurata for Marriage Rs. 10,000/- 

Item /Service 13 - Astral Remedies Arranging special propitiatory remedies for one month Rs. 6600

Item /Service 14 - Analysis for developing Leadership qualities, sharpening Memory and identifying talent of your child. Rs. 5,000/- 

Item /Service 15
- Astrological Advice for Spiritual Advancement Rs. 5000/- 

Item /Service 16 - Analysis for Progeny/Birth of child - Rs. 5000/-.

Item /Service 17
- Rectification of birth Chart/time Rs. 6,500/-.

Item /Service 18
- Health problems Diagnosis & Remedies Rs. 5100/-

Item /Service 19 - Special Power Shree Ganesha Vedic Kavach Rs.11,000/-. 

Item /Service 20 - Know Your Planetary good/bad impacts & change Your Life with Astral Remedies Rs. 2,100/-

Item /Service 21 - Kuber (Lord of Wealth) Vedic Kavach (framed) for Office/ Home Rs.10, 500/-. With Auspicious Time to install

tem /Service 22 - Vaastu Vedic Yantra (framed) for Office/ Home Rs.10, 500/-. 
With Auspicious Time to install

Item /Service 23 - Manglik Dosh Nivaran Vedic Kavach Rs. 10,000/- 

Item /Service 24 - Improve your sex life spl.power Vedic Kavach Ideal for Issueless couple Rs. 24,000/- 

Item /Service 25 - SPECIAL VEDIC KAVACH CARD USD 105 or qquvelnt to INR

USD 120 or equelent to INR

Item /Service 27 -Better SEX LIFE with Special power Vedic Kavach $350 or equelent to INR

Precious/semi precious Gemstones rates/Gold Vedic Kavach rates on demand

1. Delivery of reports on horoscope readings, matching, professional / career, marriage, etc. are sent through E-mail generally within 2 to 3 days of time.

2. Delivery of Vedic Kavach, Special Power Vedic Kavach, Ganesha Vedic Kavach and Special Purpose Vedic Kavach is sent through Registered Air mail . Delivery is made within 4 to 5 days of your order and the receipt is expected in about 8 to 10 days of time . 

3. Any transit delivery delay is beyond our control and we do not take responsibility for the same. 

You can make payment through bank transfer, cheque or cash for the service/ items you wish to order or payment through Pay pal or Money Gram/Western Union. Ask for Bank Particulars .


 Vedic Astrologer J K Sethi (Creator of Vedic Kavach)