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Special Vedic Kavach Card is being provided especially for children and ladies who are not been able to wear this around the neck due to restrictions of the schools or due to social or religious restrictions / inhibitions.

Special Plastic Quoted/Laminated Vedic Kavach, This is equally Very good for Men, who don't want to wear this around the neck can keep this in their wallet

This Vedic Kavach is a protecting remedial medium in the form of a laminated card ( just half of VC) which can be kept in the wallet or school bag or at the place of reverence in the home.

It helps ladies for better relations, Good health, and status, to face challenges of life. 
It helps children specially by improving their concentration power, understanding and increase memory besides protecting the health, Relations & many more.

It is energized for all the functional benefic planets only, have all the twelve’s Zoidiac Signs /Lagnas (Rashis) 

The Special Vedic Kavach is for those who are having planetary weaknesses by birth & afflictions in their birth charts. 

Special Vedic Kavach Card with regular propitiatory astral remedies helps the person also in preventing dreaded diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes, asthma, paralysis, Brain Hemorrhage High BP etc besides its other benefits. 

The need is to touch it daily once.

When used as a preventive main Remedy it is likely to benefit in the following areas in life:-

Success in profession/Service /business
Improve Status in Society.
Increase spirituality.
Developing leadership skills
Improving memory and analytical power.
Protecting health against diseases like high BP, renal disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, paralysis, Brain Hemorrhage ,depression, etc. 
Success in studies
Timely marriage/Giving success in relationships/marriage
Blesses with children
Blesses with achievements and recognition in life
Remove Black Magic, Shani Sadesati (Saturns 7.5 year period) & Mangal Dosh,
this helps you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in good
energetic position.

Cost : US $ 105 OR equivalent to INR. 


 Vedic Astrologer J K Sethi (Creator of Vedic Kavach)